Clutter Rescue: 2 Port KVM Switches

Fujitsu FS-102ATL: Support For USB And Audio

The Fujitsu FS-102ATL can also handle sound signals from the two connected client computers. In addition, two USB 2.0 devices can be connected to the KVM, which, however, require special software. If the drivers are installed on the client computers, the PCs can then control the USB devices hooked to the KVM box. One hassle with the FS-102ATL is that the connector cables are not bundled, but are separate. Using a monitor, PS/2, sound and USB soon adds up to four cable strands per client computer.

Using the included stand, the KVM switch also works in the vertical position.

The cable sockets for the client PCs are located on the back of the box.

The two ports for the USB link are found on the front behind a shutter.

Siggy Moersch
  • kvmswitch
    Greatt work Siggy
    have you seen the Smartvm's KVM Switch . I think they are great too and really affordable.

    Jennifer Luec