Clutter Rescue: 2 Port KVM Switches

Clutter Rescue

Several KVM switches, two PCs put to the test

The problem of having more than one PC means more clutter. Each PC requires its separate monitor, keyboard and mouse. In addition to lost space, money on these extra peripherals is wasted. But KVM says it can change that.

The KVM switch was designed to, you can work with one monitor and only a single mouse and keyboard. Additional hardware thus disappears from the desk. With a press of a button you can select the desired client PC and switch over, while the other computer remains running, without a hitch. But be careful, only a small number of KVM switches support simultaneous switching for audio or USB devices. More on these functions can be found in our previous article on Saving Space: 4 Port KVM Switches .

With a two-way KVM switch, both client PCs can be in operation while sharing a single monitor.

Siggy Moersch
  • kvmswitch
    Greatt work Siggy
    have you seen the Smartvm's KVM Switch . I think they are great too and really affordable.

    Jennifer Luec