Clutter Rescue: 2 Port KVM Switches

Lindy CPU Switch Lite 2Port Audio: Takes Up A Lot Of Space

The KVM switch from Lindy takes up an especially large amount of space. Connector cables are plugged into all four sides. The red button on the plastic box allows for the user to shift access back and forth between the attached computers. Using the hotkeys on the console keyboard is easy to use. A short signal tone confirms that the switching process has begun.

Without cables, the device only takes up a little space. However, that changes once everything is connected.

The ports for the client computers are found on both sides.

The monitor and audio cables plug into the back of the box.

The PS/2 sockets are on the front side of the box.

Siggy Moersch
  • kvmswitch
    Greatt work Siggy
    have you seen the Smartvm's KVM Switch . I think they are great too and really affordable.

    Jennifer Luec