Comparison Of 15" LCD Monitors - Part I

LCD Vs CRT: An Overview

Here's a chart listing the main differences between LCD and CRT monitors.

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Header Cell - Column 0 LCD (TFT)Cathode Ray (CRT)
Brightness(+) 170 to 300 cd/m²(~) 80 to 120 cd/m²
Contrast(-) 150:1 to 450:1(+) 350:1 to 700:1
Viewing angle(~) 90° to 170°(+) more than 150°
Convergence errors(+) none(~) 0.0079 to 0.0118" (0.20 to 0.30 mm)
Focus(+) Very good(~) satisfactory to very good
Geometry(+) perfect(~) possible errors
Defective pixels(-) up to 8(+) none
Input signal(+) analog or digital(~) only analog
Possible Resolutions(-) set resolution or interpolation(+) many
Gamma (color tuning for the human eye)(~) satisfactory(+) photo quality
Uniformity(~) often brighter at the edges(~) often brighter in the middle
Color purity/color quality(-) bad to mediocre(+) very good
Flickering(+) none(~) not visible above 85 Hz
Affected by magnetic fields?(+) not affected(-) depending on cladding, can be very sensitive
Pixel response time(-) 20 to 50 ms(+) not visible
Power consumption(+) 25 to 40 Watts(-) 60 to 160 Watts
Space requirements/weight(+) minimal(-) require a lot of space, heavy

(+) Best (~) Decent (-) Negative