Comparison Of 15" LCD Monitors - Part I

Eizo L365

Eizo is to LCD monitors what Ferrari is to cars. Its displays are always state-of-the-art. Of course, they usually cost about $130-$180 more than the competition, too. The L365 is the exception that makes the rule, though. It's expensive, but not exorbitant, in comparison to its rivals. As is to be expected, this display comes equipped with some eye-popping features that are more than just a step ahead of the competition. It has the fastest response time of any monitor on the market, 25 ms. Also, its contrast ratio is the highest, 450:1. Its vertical viewing angle is 150° and its horizontal 160°, among the best values to be found. LCD aficionados are no doubt thinking right now, "This Eizo has to be an MVA display with a Fujitsu panel, like the Viewsonic VX500."

Sorry - no dice!

It looks like an MVA. It has all the characteristics of an MVA. And it has the price of an MVA. But it's a TN + film with an ADI panel.

Now, numbers may be one thing, but we wanted to see the actual display results. Games and Internet were no problem for the L365. But the latest generation of MVA monitors is much more pleasant for lateral scrolling. The afterglow is less noticeable on web pages. As far as games go, the Eizo's strength appears to be how well it displays colors, since the Belinea 10 15 35 seems to be have a better response time. If you use the DVI port, the phase issue is no longer a problem. Even if the display only comes with an RGB cable, you'll quickly realize that the phase and clock are perfectly synchronized.

Now it's time to discuss the touchiest problem - displaying colors. While the L365 can display very dark shades perfectly, whereas its rivals always tend to display them as black, it has certain problems displaying lighter hues accurately.

To round off the discussion of the L365, we'd like to add a subjective comment - it's best to tilt the monitor slightly so that you're looking down at it. Despite any fine-tuning of brightness and contrast, the lighting will then be much more pleasant and easier on your eyes.