Cooler Master's CM Stacker Case for Both ATX and BTX Mobos

An ATX And BTX Combo

Along with PCI Express and DDR2, the new BTX motherboard and case standards are expected to be introduced this year. The new BTX case format is intended first and foremost to accommodate increasing levels of thermal power. However, because there are still no BTX mainboards, Cooler Master designed its latest case so it can be upgraded from ATX to BTX.

Upon delivery, the CM Stacker looks like a classic big tower. A look at the interior shows that it is a server case. There are 12 5.25" slots, which guarantee lots of room. A second ATX or, later, a second BTX power supply can be added.

Visible even from the outside: Many drives will fit into it

There is a 120 mm fan in front of the drive mount. One of these mounts is included in the package.

The slot for the front USB, FireWire and sound ports can also be swapped with a 12th drive.

Siggy Moersch