Cooler Master's CM Stacker Case for Both ATX and BTX Mobos

Cooled Drive Mounts

Because the CM Stacker does not include its own classic 3.5" slots, the drives have to be mounted in the retainers provided. One of these retaining devices is included in the package.

A 120 mm fan provides cooling by drawing air through the vented front panels. Each of these panels has a dust filter intended to protect the interior from pollution.

The built-in mount, like the later 5.25" drives, are screwed on mounting rails that run into the CM Stacker.

Up to three 3.5" hard drives will fit into this type of HDD mount.

Adapters For Redundant Power Supply

The CM Stacker allows a second power supply to be mounted, which is not surprising, since there is plenty of room. To allow the two power supplies to work in tandem, Cooler Master has included an appropriate adapter with the CM Stacker.

This adapter ensures that the two power supplies can work together with one motherboard.


The CM Stacker case from Cooler Master gives the impression of being very well thought out. The interior offers lots of room for 12 drives, two power supplies and a wide range of mainboard types. A user-friendly conversion turns an ATX into a BTX case without adding costs.

The optional cross flow fan, a radial fan developed specifically for the CM Stacker, not only provides several 120 mm fans but also ensures rapid discharge of internal heat.

The workmanship of the aluminum case is exemplary. There are no sharp edges to be found, either on the case or in it.

Siggy Moersch