Cooler Master's CM Stacker Case for Both ATX and BTX Mobos

Cross Flow Fan: Radial Fan For CM Stacker

For ideal cooling, Cooler Master offers a 34 cm long radial fan that can be mounted on the mainboard tray. An opening on the right side panel serves as a vent. An external switch allows you to adjust the rpms of the cross-flow fan or shut it off entirely - all a matter of heat and noise development.

On the LOW setting the radial fan rotates at 1400, on Middle at 1800 and in High mode at 2500 rpm. Cooler Master indicates volumes of 22 dB, 30 dB and 38 dB, while up to 1.3 m³ of air per minute blow through the case.

The radial fan is built into the CM Stacker parallel to the mainboard.

The Cross-flow fan draws in air through this gap in the mainboard.

Cooler air is sucked also sucked into the case through the free 5.25" slots.

Siggy Moersch