Cooler and Quieter Barebones PCs?

Abit DigiDice: Therapy For Your PC, Continued

Abit took some time with its presentation of its first barebones system. The outside is not the only difference compared to the other competitors: the size of this barebones is comparable to the size of a microwave. Since the motherboard is based on an Intel 865G chipset, the installation of an AGP graphic card is not necessary. Unless the user plans to play 3D games with pixel- and vertex-shaders, the simple Intel graphic processor a the job.

Like all the other candidates, Abit's mini barebones has an aluminum chassis and cover. However, the first good impression of this candidate is dulled by the lacquered plastic front of the case.

Its digital clock must be set separately from the Windows system clock. A knob that can be turned or pushed starts up the system; the additional and antique reset button is no more.

Abit's card reader