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Intel Core i7-3960X Review: Sandy Bridge-E And X79 Express

Core i7-3960X Versus FX-8150

It’s a foregone conclusion that Core i7-3960X is faster than AMD’s FX-8150, but the comparison is an interesting one nevertheless.

With all benchmarks weighted evenly, we end up seeing Sandy Bridge-E best Zambezi by more than it beat the Sandy Bridge-based Core i5-2500K. This is a result of close finishes in the threaded apps, and bigger blow-outs in titles like iTunes, WinZip, and Lame.

Unfortunately, pricing that remains way above AMD’s initial estimation means you pay 253% more for the Core i7-3960X, which averages 32% better results across our benchmark suite. Compare that to Core i5-2500K, a processor that fares better in both performance and pricing metrics.