Creative Labs 3D Blaster Voodoo2


INCOMING from Rage is a stunning looking game that really needs some kick ass hardware if you want to run it smoothly. You need at least 30 fps if you want to be able enjoying the game, so you definitely need a powerful CPU or a very good 3D accelerator, especially if you want to take advantage of higher resolutions. Here some more new screen shots from Voodoo Extreme : shot1 shot2 shot3

The two Voodoo² cards are ruling this benchmark quite clearly in the P II 300 system, but you can see that the game requires so much CPU power that even with a Pentium MMX 200 the differences between Voodoo² cards and its competitors get pretty tiny.

800x600 is the resolution Voodoo² boards love. It's hard to believe, but in case of the Pentium MMX system The Voodoo² cards run it even faster at 800x600 than at 640x480. This should be another prove that there's no point in building 6 MB Voodoo² boards, you really want to use the high performance of Voodoo² at 800x600. Note the tiny difference between the 12 MB 3D Blaster Voodoo² and the 8 MB Monster 3D II.