Creative Labs 3D Blaster Voodoo2


There is no doubt that 3D accelerators with the 3Dfx Voodoo² chip are scoring best in all of the benchmarks. We also saw that Voodoo² can show it's real superiority at the 800x600 resolution. That's why we don't want 6 MB Voodoo² boards which restrict us to only 640x480. The benchmarks also show that you rather have a fast Pentium II system if you want to push the Voodoo² to the edge.

Hundreds of you asked me if the 12 MB 3D Blaster Voodoo² is any better than the 8 MB Monster 3D II. The answer is certainly not 'yes', I don't want to put a clear 'no' here as well though. Since the day when AGP was launched we are listening to those stories of games which are using so much larger textures, thus requiring AGP. What I've seen of G-Police hasn't impressed me and I wonder if high resolution textures on low resolution rendered polygons are looking so much better. What I expect are objects consisting of a lot more polygons, as e.g. Incoming shows. If eventually there should be a point in using really large textures there will also be a point of using 8 MB texture memory rather than 4 MB on a Voodoo² board. For now it doesn't give you much of an advantage though and by the day when these games are out we can probably already expect the next generation 3D chips on the market. A 12 MB Voodoo² board is something for people who want to have the possibly fastest and who don't care about the additional cost. However, the 'normal Joe' will most likely be just as happy with an 8 MB Voodoo board. Creative Labs will supply both versions and so will Diamond.