Dell S2721DGF 27-inch Gaming Monitor Review: Great HDR Value

For fans of color

Dell S2721DGF
(Image: © Dell)

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When the S2721DGF senses an HDR10 signal, it automatically switches to HDR mode. There are four image presets available, plus control of the contrast slider.

HDR Brightness & Contrast

Dell rates the S2721DGF at 400 nits in HDR mode, but we couldn’t quite get there in our tests. We measured both 100% and 10% window patterns and got the same result. 

But once we completed the tests, we were glad to see that Dell has included dynamic contrast. The 0.08-nit  black level is in VA territory, with resulting contrast near 5,000:1. This puts the S2721DGF in a small group of edge backlight HDR monitors that look good showing HDR content. Remember when we said earlier, “you get what you pay for?” This is a perfect example.

Grayscale, EOTF & Color

The S2721DGF’s lack of HDR calibration control is not a hindrance to its HDR image accuracy. The grayscale test above shows a slightly visible blue error in the brightest steps that's hard to see in actual content. What is more impressive is the near-flawless EOTF luminance tracking. Except for a slightly soft transition to tone-mapping at 65%, the test follows the spec perfectly. This is the principal reason for the S2721DGF’s excellent HDR image.

The color test reveals similarly high accuracy. Every DCI-P3 color target is on or near the right spot, and inner saturations are a little over. This adds to the S2721DGF’s vibrance in HDR mode. If HDR gaming is your thing, you’ll have to spend quite a bit more money to beat this level of performance.

Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.