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Digicams: New Little Megapixel Monsters, Part II

Indoor Color Results

These tests were run in a room with no natural light, but with electric lighting bright enough not to need a flash. They involved manually-adjusted white balance, followed by automatic white balance. The results given are the best we obtained.

For this test indoors, the heavyweights are all floored by the Casio, which gives the truest automatic white balance. But three cameras stand out here: Casio and Canon on one side and, on the other, Toshiba, which tends to lighten the shades.

The Minolta is most definitely last. As we have already pointed out, the table shows quite clearly how it is too inclined to redness.

Outdoor Color Results

The winners here are still Casio, Canon and Toshiba.

But the Canon comes first due to its white balance adjustment, which works much better than the preset manual balance on the others.

We should say that the cameras were not helped by the weather in these tests. The sky was cloudy and digicams perform better in good light conditions.

In the end, none of the five cameras will give you perfect shades, neither indoors nor out. We advise you to adjust the levels on all your photos.