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Digicams: New Little Megapixel Monsters, Part II

Canon, Minolta And Toshiba

Canon is the winner with its clear details and good colors. The photo is just a little under-exposed, but the shades come out neutral and pretty close to the original.Minolta falls down on color performance (red is far too dominant).

The Toshiba photo is over-exposed and has more vignetting than the others.

All three are nonetheless very satisfactory. You can read the license plate on the car in all of them and the outlines are clear. There is a lot more detail than on the Sony and Casio photos. Three-megapixel cameras can be used for large-format prints (20x30 cm); this does not apply to the Sony and Casio ones, which are better confined to 10x15 cm photos or illustrations for emails, Web pages or reports.