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Digicams: New Little Megapixel Monsters, Part II

Casio EX-M2, Continued

Sadly, M2 images are less precise and true than those of the M1. They have lost a lot of sharpness and only become pleasing and usable when they are reduced in size as they are here. So the M2 is perfect for illustrating documents, but not for big format prints. When they changed the sensor, Casio ought to have revised its optical system. Furthermore, the lack of autofocus is terribly noticeable in close-ups, which become blurred. We suggest one meter as the minimum distance between the camera and the subject. Final failing: the flash is fierce and uneven. The center of the image is often too pale while the edges are in shadow. But if you don't use it, the colors come out well as you can see from the illustrations.

So in the end, if, like us, you have fallen for the Exilim, go for the earlier version. With a bit of luck, now that the M2 has been released, you might find it at clearance price.

Another thing our tests revealed was that this camera is the one with the most vignetting. The difference in brightness between the edges and center can be over 20%. On the other hand, there is little distortion.