Double-Layer DVD: Philips, LaCie, Asus and LG

Blanks - Recordables

Structure of a DVD-R

An unwritten rule from the days of self-burned CDs can now be applied to the DVD arena: a blank is not always what it claims. In any event, brand-name products are always a good bet. Big price differentials result when you want to buy a spindle of 25, 50 or 100 blanks. "No-name" products are 30% cheaper than brand-name goods and the incentive to buy that much higher.

In our experience, cheap blanks are certainly adequate for short and medium term data storage (two to four years). But it would be unwise to put your faith blindly in these products - CDs we burned in 1998 now reveal more than just visible discolorations on the writeable label. In some instances, the layers had separated - and not only on the no-name discs!

DVD+R DL is the official name for double-layer media.