Double-Layer DVD: Philips, LaCie, Asus and LG

LG GSA-4082B: 8x With DVD-RAM Support

The 4082B is no longer the top model from LG Electronics - it is the GSA-4120B that can write DVD+Rs at 16x speed instead of the former 8x. Their minus counterparts can be written at a maximum 8x, all DVD RWs at 4x speed.

Like Asus, LG uses a 2 MB buffer memory and a system to counter buffer underruns. Although the access times cited by the manufacturer seem higher than those from Asus, our readings suggest they are even shorter.

In contrast to Nero with the Asus, LG has included the complete DVD solution from Cyberlink. It contains PowerDVD, PowerProducer Gold and a DVD-RAM driver, as the 4082B still supports these rather exotic DVD media - as does its successor the 4120B.

The test results we achieved are completely in order and once again revealed the LG burner as a device worth buying - an honor the 4x predecessor also gained six months ago. LG is still attractively positioned as far as prices goes, too.