Dual Xeon Duo: What Good Is the L3 Cache?

MainConcept 1.3

In MPEG-2 encoding of DV video, both dual systems manage a boost in performance of 18.8 percent over the fastest P4 - and that's not exactly brilliant performance. The two Xeon systems differ by 1.7 percent - once again, the 1 MB L3 cache is barely noticeable. Based on the fastest dual Xeon system, a data quantity of 7.5 MB/s is processed.

Pinnacle Studio 8.5

It's a different story with the Pinnacle benchmark: Without the L3 cache, the dual Xeon system is slower than the P4 with 3.2 GHz. On the other hand, the dual Xeon with the L3 cache benefits from improved memory performance and gains 18.1 percent.