DynaPower Cases: Two Warriors & a Widow


DynaPower cases from left to right and top to bottom: Dark Warrior, Hachiman and Black Widow

Note: Be sure to check out the slideshows for the DynaPower cases covered in this article.

Is it what's inside that counts? Or do you judge a book by its cover?

Sometimes it's both.

While mainstream PC manufacturers have saddled the masses with boring grey or white cases for a generation, gamers and custom system builders have always demanded more from their cases.

In this review I take a look at three gaming cases from DynaPower that are somewhat out of the ordinary. The Hachiman, Dark Warrior and Black Widow cases each offer some unique artwork and a few interesting features to help add some bling to your gaming case.

Of course what's inside does count since ultimately a case is all about providing a chassis for your components. Looking beyond the cover of the Hachiman, Dark Warrior and Black Widow cases I'll take a look at the internals to make sure all your components will find a suitable home. As configured these cases have a 600W power supply unit; so electrical power is certainly one thing you won't be lacking.

In the slideshows listed below I'll take you on a visual tour of the exterior and interior of the Hachiman, Dark Warrior and Black Widow cases. All three cases are quite similar on the interior and as such one slide show will focus on the common features of all three cases while the other three slide shows will document the unique features of each case.

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