Dual-Core Versus Quad-Core: Part 2

Efficiency: SYSmark 2007 Preview

We calculated the average power requirement during an entire SYSmark 2007 Preview run after tracking the power consumed. Clearly, the Intel machine using the Core 2 Duo E8500 dual core is more efficient.

We went on and calculated the total power used to complete the SYSmark 2007 Preview run in watt hours, and again Intel was ahead.

The performance per watt results are devastating for AMD, as the Phenom X4 9350e provides 0.52 SYSmark 2007 Preview scores per watt hour of power used, while Intel provides 1.24 points per watt hour.

You already know how the power diagram over time works. In the case of SYSmark, the Intel system is more efficient at all times, and takes clearly less time to finish the entire benchmark suite: the workload took one hour and 12 minutes to complete on the Intel system, and almost 90 minutes on the AMD quad core. At the same time, the power consumption was always higher on the AMD machine.