EKWB EK-Kit RGB 240 Cooler Review: Top-Shelf Looks and Performance

EK WaterBlocks offers a high-quality, 240 watercooling component kit with RGB lighting glory that cools just as well as it looks in the EK-KIT RGB 240. All said and done, this 2x 120mm kit provided the professional appearance and configuration flexibility of an open loop with the performance of a 3x 120mm AIO system.


Premium-quality watercooling commands great attention to component design, presentation and thermal load performance, but system builders also  know that premium components command premium prices. EKWB checks every single one of these boxes (twice) on its way to watercooling bliss with their EK-Kit RGB 240, a complete boxed kit that boasts top-quality performance parts all the way around. 

EKWB ships the EK-KIT RGB 240 with an impressive assortment of mounting hardware and components to cover a wide range of Intel CPU sockets, but provides support for AMD’s AM4 processors only.  Tubing, fittings, a pump, thermal compound, mounting brackets and fan and RGB splitters accompany high-end cooling components to round out an impressive assortment of hardware. EK also includes a 24-pin ATX jumper to assist in filling and leak testing the system. Plus, there's a 100ml bottle of EK coolant concentrate; so like the old adage says, just add water.


Thickness1.5 inches / 38.1mm
(2.63 inches / 66.8mm with fans)
Width5.13 inches / 130.3mm
Depth11 inches / 279.4mm
Pump Height8.75 inches / 222.25mm
Speed ControllerBIOS
Cooling Fans(2) 120 x 25mm
Connectors(1) MOLEX
(3) 4-pin PWM
(3) 4-pin RGB
Weight142.9 oz / 4,051g
Intel Sockets2066
AMD SocketsAM4
WarrantyTwo years

An impeller-driven pump provides the locomotion of the coolant within the cooling loop. EK combined a powerful D5 pump and EK-XRES 140 Revo reservoir in a one-two punch combination that includes RGB lighting. The D5 pump can be PWM controlled and is powered by a separate 12v MOLEX power cable. The reservoir and top are milled from high-quality materials and includes G1/4" standard watercooling ports to accommodate the included EK-ACF 10/16mm nickel-plated compression fittings. 

The crystal-clear plexi reservoir can be configured to display the EK logo anti-cyclone baffle, or it can be configured to use a filter sponge baffle to prevent air induction and impeller damage due to cavitation. The EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 pump and reservoir are secured to a 360-degree rubber stabilizing mount to provide flexible installation.

The nickel-plated EK-Supremacy EVO RGB, which includes lighting and color capability with the EK-Supremacy EVO block, transfers thermal loads away from the CPU. The entire block is precision-milled from a single copper billet and then nickel plated, while the base that mates to the CPU IHS has an impressive mirror-like finish.

Standard 4-pin RGB connections are supported but will require an RGB-capable motherboard or standalone RGB controller, as the EK-Kit RGB 240 does not include one. 

The block includes a set of directional inserts and jet plates to allow direct cooling to be specifically tailored to cover the CPU cores (as denoted by LGA socket) for maximum cooling potential. 

The EK-Supremacy EVO block includes detailed instructions and a dedicated hex-key wrench for swapping the directional flow block and jet plate as required. CPU block configuration for our Intel Core i7-5930K (LGA socket 2011-v3) uses the optimal combination of flow block insert I1 and jet plate J1, shown here. The milled micro-fin structure at the center of the EK-Supremacy EVO RGB block increases overall surface area and provides directed coolant channeling based on the selected flow block and jet plate.


The included EK-CoolStream PE 240 radiator utilizes copper fins and cooling tubes paired with brass end tanks and an aluminum housing to provide a 240mm long by 40mm thick cooling field for the kit. A pair of EK-Vardar EVO 120ER RGB fans team up to provide radiant color while spinning up to 2,200 RPM to move up to 77 CFM of air over the radiator fins. A pair of standard G1/4” ports and 10/16mm EK-ACF fittings complete the heat exchanger.

Installation of the EK-Kit RGB 240 liquid cooling system is incredibly simple, but does require some preparation in order to ensure the chassis has adequate space to accommodate the D5 pump and EX-XRES 140 reservoir combo unit. In our setup, tubing is routed from the EK-XRES 140 Revo pump outlet directly to the CPU inlet port, which correctly routes flow over the jet plate and onto the milled block channels. The CPU outlet port routes to one of the EK-CoolStream PE 240 ports, while the other radiator port routes back to the pump inlet. As in most watercooling loops, coolant flow order has little impact on overall load temperatures. All fittings should be hand-tightened only, but very snugly secured. 

Using the 24-pin ATX jumper, filling the loop is relatively simple. Disconnecting the power supply's 24-pin plug from the system motherboard and connecting it to the 24-pin jumper allows the 5v and 12v accessory power to run the cooling pump and fans but prevent system booting during coolant fill. 

Priming the loop involves filling the coolant reservoir and then switching the PSU power on to allow the pump to begin pushing coolant through the system while gradually replacing coolant in the reservoir with a small beaker through the top filling port while the pump empties the chamber. Running a pump without coolant or water can permanently damage the impeller and bearings, so always ensure the reservoir is at least partially filled to prevent pump failure. If the reservoir empties, power the system off, refill the reservoir and continue.

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