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Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 5: Falcon Northwest Mach V

Look And Feel, Continued

Falcon has been in the business a long time and takes their customers to the "next level" when they buy one of their systems. They pay attention to the details, such as a making sure the owner's name is displayed at the bottom of the case.

Their cabling could be used as a standard for the industry. We have only seen cabling of this caliber in All American Computers' Liquid XS and Alienware's ALX. It is placed out of the way to maximize airflow inside the case. In the picture above you can see at least 12 zip ties, and this is only part of the case. Their intention is that people will admire your custom case and when you crack it open to show off what is under the hood, you will impress them with the guts as well.

Even the hard drive cables are tied down. To make sure nothing comes loose, hot glue is used to secure the SATA cables. In a worst case scenario - and we have already seen this happen before with other systems - the desktop gets to the user and the RAID array is messed up. Falcon goes that one extra step to make sure this doesn't happen by ensuring perfection upon that first boot. In their array, they used two 300 GB Maxtor hard drives with 16 MB of cache set in a RAID 0 configuration.