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Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 5: Falcon Northwest Mach V

Half-Life 2

Benchmark Conclusions

In comparison to our reference system, the Falcon Northwest was the faster machine in all of the benchmarks. This is what we would have come to expect for two reasons: the system settings and the fact that this is a Falcon machine. This is the type of system that would "wow" people from a distance or while watching your frame rates up close. As the owner, this system would easily give you "coolness" points among your peers. If you brought it to a LAN party, you would be sure to turn some heads.

The only problems occurred when overclocking. However, we did not see any flaws when we decided to run everything at the system's stock speeds. All of the benchmarks ran well. Now they were no where as nearly impressive as the overclocked scores but they ran without a hitch.