The Fastest PC Thanks to Kryotech's Super Cooling

Benchmark Setup

The system that I used for my 'super cool' benchmark used pretty much the normal benchmark setup of previous benchmark session. The motherboard used was an Abit BX6 rev. 2.0, obviously chosen because it's the most convenient motherboard for overclocking. I used 128 MB of Samsung PC100 SDRAM with the CAS latency set to '2'. The hard drive used was the well-known 10,000-RPM IBM DGVS 09U ultra-SCSI drive, connected to an Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI host adapter. The graphics card used was NVIDIA's reference TNT2 card with 32 MB, clocked 150/183 MHz, using driver 1.72b. I ran Windows 98 and Windows NT4 SP4 at 1024x768 screen resolution, with a color depth of 16 bit and a refresh rate of 85 Hz. Quake 2 ran at 1024x768x16 and so did Shogo.

The Results

You can see that the super cool Celeron beats Intel's current flagship the Pentium III 500 in pretty much all of the benchmarks. Quake2 running 'demo1' is rather limited by the graphics card than by the CPU, which is why both CPUs score identical here, almost the same is valid for 'massive1' as well. In Shogo as well as 3D StudioMax the Celeron 618 smokes the PIII 500 big time, since booth benchmarks depend quite a lot on pure CPU computing power.


The above results prove it again, Intel's Celeron is currently the best CPU for overclockers. Combining the best overclocker-CPU with the best cooling that's currently available results in the fastest PC-system money could buy. Now the only thing we need is Kryotech providing us their very own solution for a Socket370 and/or Slot1 Celeron and Intel leaving us alone with the highly annoying frequency lock for Celeron. Tom's Hardware Guide has quite a few ideas on how to get even more out of this 'Celeron meets Kryotech'-solution, but before I get into detail I will make sure that it all works out. The super cooled Celeron could be the first really cost effective high performance solution that Kryotech could offer and after all Intel benefits from providing the CPU of the world wide fastest PC.