The Fastest PC Thanks to Kryotech's Super Cooling

Kryotech's Super Cooling Technology

Before I will get into what you can do with the Kryotech system using the new 'clamshell' technology, I would like to shed some light into the basics of how a Kryotech system works.

We have heard a lot about all different kind of cooling devices that would allow us to overclock our CPUs. The most common one is an oversized heat sink plus fan, but this solution can get the CPU never any cooler than the surrounding room temperature. The alternative would be a peltier element, which can indeed cool a CPU below room temperature, but most of the time you cannot even reach the freezing point of 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Kryotech' system however is designed to cool a CPU to -50 degrees Celsius or -58 degrees Fahrenheit. You can imagine that this is indeed 'damn cold' and miles away from room temperature. - 50 ºC put a CPU into completely different conditions, so that you can run it at speeds way beyond the official specs of this CPU.

The technology behind Kryotech's super cooling comes from nothing else but a freezer as most of you have it at home to store your fries and frozen pizzas. The bottom unit of a Kryotech unit hosts a pretty big compressor and the liquid that runs through the little pipes to the CPU is pretty much the same cooling liquid used in freezers, refrigerators and air conditionings. When you switch on a Kryotech system you hear the same sound that you are used from your fridge or freezer, the compressor starts running. Before the computer system starts, the Kryotech cooling unit waits until the CPU has reached a temperature of less than -35 ºC. Then the computer system starts and the CPU is able to boot up with a clock speed that it could never reach for even a second at room temperature. Well, none of the above said is really new to the ones that have followed Kryotech since my first article about Kryotech from July 1997 , and the ones who haven't read this good old article should have a quick look at it for a better understanding of Kryotech's technology. The new thing about the system I received last month is the way the CPU in isolated from the surrounding, using Kryotech's new 'clamshell' technology.