Full Review of ATi's All-in-Wonder Radeon

Performance Conclusion

The AIW Radeon took a big hit all around as it's held back by slower clock speeds and a smaller memory pool to work with. The overall performance isn't bad but it isn't a card for the persons in need of the absolute best 3D performance. The card will probably cover the 3D performance area for most.


ATi has redefined what I consider a true multimedia graphics solution with its superior video hardware/software performance, functionality and value. At $329 ($299 if you send in for the mail in rebate) the AIW Radeon is a bargain for those looking to have a good 3D performer with outstanding multimedia features and performance. The V7700 Deluxe tries hard but falls short for those in need of the non-3D features, while it shows superior 3D-performance. If you're looking for this type of graphics card, the performance of the new AIW being above average should be just fine though, as most of you have expressed that games come second.

For those who fancy fast 3D performance first and multimedia features second, you might want to think heavily before purchasing the AIW Radeon. Although the scores are relatively in the same ballpark, the numbers won't add up for those who consider themselves power users. The AIW can only offer so much and it really takes a beating under 16-bit or bump-mapped situations. Maybe the V7700 Deluxe can cover your multimedia needs as it provides excellent 3D although it comes with a shorter list of multimedia advantages.

My final judgment is that the ATi AIW Radeon is the solution to get if you're hunting for a multimedia solution that has all around ability. Solid 3D, superior value, an untouched software bundle and leading edge video performance all support my decision to place this card above the rest.