Full Review of ATi's All-in-Wonder Radeon

The Software, Continued

The next piece of software you'll be able to toy around with is Mediator 5, a post video editing utility that let's you create various things like e-greetings, product catalogues, slideshows, photo albums and fancy self executing videos (AVI and MPEG based). Most of the above can be done fairly easy through the program wizard and within minutes you can create most of the above. Keep in mind that the videos and pictures will be made with other programs first. This program is mainly for creating a final 'package' of sorts.

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The final software title is called Merlin VR. It is basically a modeling program that is geared for more of a novice modeler. Most folks who know their stuff will use the traditional big name software's like 3DSMax, Maya and so on. This software was actually a pain to use and although it might be easier to use than a more complex modeling program, it was tough nonetheless. It claims to be very point and click friendly but after a couple hours of toying with the interface, my project didn't turn out very good. I've used easier programs but some of you may find this useful.