Full Review of ATi's All-in-Wonder Radeon


A couple of weeks ago we took a deeper exploration into the multimedia video oriented solutions of today's graphics cards with the Asus V7700 Deluxe Review and now we're continuing this journey with the newly released ATi All-in-Wonder (AIW) Radeon.

The All-in-Wonder series has been well known for its specialization in the multimedia video hardware/software area and as of lately, hasn't had much competition. Lack of competition is rarely a good thing and consumer's pocketbooks have been paying the price, until now.

Thanks to Asus, ATi now has a legitimate challenger in the V7700 Deluxe and we're here to see just how well the AIW Radeon does to defend its reputation for being the best consumer graphics video solution. 3D performance, video hardware abilities and the bundled software are compared between the two to decide who'll be our new consumer multimedia video solution of choice.