Full Review of ATi's All-in-Wonder Radeon

The Software, Continued

ATi has also packaged Ulead's Video Studio and is the same version that is shipping with Asus's V7700 Deluxe. Learn more about this software.

I will add the available formats of the Ulead Video Studio software as many of you requested, but put it in a table. I assume this won't be too much information as an overwhelming amount of you requested it.

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FormatResolution, FPS, Misc.
AVI720x480 DV NTSC720x576 DV PAL320x240 30 fps Cinepak384x288 25 fps Cinepak160x120 30 fps Cinepak/Uncompressed192x144 25 fps Cinepak/Uncompressed
NTSC VCD352x240 NTSC 29 fps
PAL VCD352x288 PAL 25 fps
MPEG-2720x480 NTSC (high/med/low quality)720x576 PAL (high/med/low quality)
MPEG-1352x240 NTSC (high/med/low quality)320x240 NTSC (high/med/low quality)352x288 PAL (high/med/low quality)

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