Full Review of ATi's All-in-Wonder Radeon

The Hardware, Continued

The input and output connections both require the use of custom cables (both provided) that split into several other connection types. The input cable is designed to be more cosmetically appealing than your standard cable as it will most likely been seen atop of a TV or stand. This cable has a box at the end with an S-Video in and composite audio/video in. Clearly the S-Video is the connection of choice for an input but either choice is available.

On the output side of things, the cable ends in a braid of connections. You have S-Video out, composite audio/video out, mini-stereo audio out, and a S/PDIF RCA jack out. The S-Video and S/PDIF outputs are the optimal choices but the mini-stereo connection to the audio card is a must if you'll be using the TV tuner abilities of the card.