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AMD FX-7600P Kaveri Review: FX Rides Again...In A Mobile APU?

Results: Dota 2

Valve's Dota 2 is one of the most-played games online, so it's important to gauge how each platform handles this prolific title.

Dota 2 is attractive. But its graphics engine isn't particularly demanding, so we're able to try the highest detail settings at 1920x1080. I apply a few tweaks to ease the burden on integrated graphics processors; ambient occlusion and the additive lighting pass are disabled.

Intel's Core i7-4702MQ flexes its muscle in this platform-limited sequence. With that said, AMD's FX-7600P remains playable, only dropping under 30 FPS a handful of times.

Although I couldn't pick out problematic stuttering in Dota 2, my frame time variance figures on the FX-7600P get disturbingly bad. Due to the nature of strategy games, where the camera is placed above the battlefield in a static location, it's harder to identify lag between frames. I'd still call the AMD APU playable, though Intel's Core i7 has a clear advantage.