Under The Hood: 140 Chipsets Compared

Curiosities: Onboard Memory, Dual CPUs, Graphics Memory

4 MB graphics memory in the form of a plug-in card for the Intel 81x chipset.

While we were making a more exact analysis of approximately 300 motherboards in our Munich lab, several motherboards stood out from the others. These involved curiosities of which even the manufacturers themselves were unaware. Among them was a board from Acorp, which offers a dual system for Pentium III, based on Socket 370 and the Intel 815E chipset. In the specifications for Intel 815, there's no mention whatsoever of dual operation.

A rarity was the 815 motherboard from TMC, which is equipped with integrated graphics memory. In contrast, all of the latest boards access the RAM. Another curiosity was a board with the Intel 810 chipset that had integrated 32 MB RAM. This allows the motherboard to run without having to install memory modules on it.

Graphics memory (4 MB) integrated on a motherboard with the Intel 810 chipset.

Dual Socket 370 with the Intel 815E chipset: even Intel knew nothing about this.

An absolute rarity: 32 MB RAM integrated on the motherboard.