Under The Hood: 140 Chipsets Compared

Overview: Chipsets For AMD, Intel And VIA CPUs

The following charts bring you an overview of all chipsets that have been available on the market since the end of 1998. Among the AMD processors, we've only included the versions for Socket A (Socket 462). The AMD Athlon, AMD Duron and AMD Athlon XP are compatible with this platform.

With the Intel processors, there are three different CPU platforms: Socket 370, Socket 423 and Socket 478. Here, the compatible CPUs are the Intel Pentium III, Intel Celeron and Celeron II, Pentium III and Celeron with the Tualatin core, and the VIA C3 for Socket 370. The new Pentium 4 is available in two different design variations: one with the Willamette core (for Socket 423 and Socket 478) and one with the Northwood core (Socket 478).

Overview Tables

Socket A: Chipsets From VIA