iBuypower's $5,500 Ultra Gaming System

Final Thoughts

Our final opinion of the system is simply that it should have been much faster. Stock settings are fine, but the memory should have reflected the speed of the modules - that is not overclocking, it is "rightclocking". The reference graphics cards should have had the BIOS updated so the latest drivers could be installed. The case is great and the price is right; the system has all of the components to be a champion, but lacks the punch of a little overclocking that could have been provided.

Overall, we are pleased to see the system and the price, but are left wanting more. Many system builders put together the parts and deliver the system, but I think may miss the objective of satisfying the customer. The best companies on the planet anticipate consumer needs and deliver products that meet as many of these needs as possible. The "enthusiast" market is just that: about those who are enthusiastic about hardware, appearance and performance. The first two were met by this system, but the last detracted enough to steal its thunder.

If you are looking for a system that has all of the tools this is it. Availability on the GeForce 8800 Ultra and Intel QX8600 make purchasing the iBuyPower a valid option. However, you might choose to void the 3-year warranty and push the system further than it was configured as shipped to us.

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