iBuypower's $5,500 Ultra Gaming System


In April, Intel introduced the QX6800 quad core processor at 2.93 GHz, but limited the way in which consumers could purchase it. The rumor around launch was that only 2,500 QX6800s existed in the world and that 1,200 were intended for North American market. The limitation placed by Intel was mainly because of the CPU's 135 W thermal design power (TDP) - properly cooling the part was critical, by which Intel meant that water had to accompany each QX6800 system. That was true... until we received a system from iBuyPower.

The only way Intel could be certain that its cooling requirement was met was to supply processors through prominent system builders that tailor to the enthusiast market. Upon opening the side panel of the iBuyPower system we saw that the CPU was cooled by the Thermaltake TMG i1. Obviously the company felt that the air solution fit the needs of the system; this could be the reason that iBuyPower did not overclock it.

The system does not have fancy cooling or overclocking that we saw in the previous systems, but also does not carry their $10,000 price tag. As you will see, it delivers "good" performance for "only" $5,500.

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