Installing WindowsXP and Service Pack 2 with 1 CD

The Slipstream Process, Continued

After the parameter /x is added and the Enter key is pressed, off it goes.

Selecting the folder

The default folder can be applied easily and confirmed by clicking on OK. This unpacks the service pack files.

Extracting the files

Once the files have been unpacked, the actual integration process begins. Here too, a special parameter needs to be transferred to the program. For this, you need the DOS prompt again. First, you have to switch to the directory i386\update , which is done with the commands cd i386 and cd update . From this directory, the file update.exe is then started with the parameter /integrate: .

A sampling of the options that can be displayed with the parameter /?

Note: With earlier service pack versions (WindowsXP SP1 and all service packs in Windows 2000 and NT4) this parameter was still /s (for slipstream).

Because the path of the Windows source files still has to be applied to the parameter, the full command is update /integrate:c:\WIN_CD\CD .

The update command for integrating the service pack