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Intel's New Pentium 4 Processor

Unreal Tournament UTBench

If you thought that Pentium 4 would kick butt in any 3D-game you are in for a surprise. Unreal Tournament is currently ruled by Athlon. Only the highly overclocked versions of Pentium 4 are able to surpass the AMD processor.

This benchmark shows how sensitive Pentium 4 seems to be. While most processors that I know perform similarly under Quake 3 as well as Unreal Tournament, Pentium 4 clearly prefers Quake 3.


In the last tested 3D-game, MDK2, Pentium 4 needs to be at (currently unavailable) 1.6 GHz to outperform Athlon 1200/133. Again, Pentium 4 doesn't look that good.