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Intel's New Pentium 4 Processor

Power Requirements / New Power Supplies / Heat Sinks / Cases, Contuinued

Pentium 4 burns some 55 W and therefore it needs some good cooling devices. Athlon owners know about the difficulty of mounting reasonably sized heat sinks on their 1-1.2 GHz Athlon processors without destroying the die of the processor or the notches of the SocketA. Top-notch heat sinks are often made of copper and can easily weigh up to 500g (more than a pound). In a worst-case scenario the heat sink could rip either only the socket, but possibly even the motherboard apart. Once again Intel decided not to make the same mistake as its competitor with the green logo.

Pentium 4 heat sinks are supposed to be mounted through four holes around the Socket423 right to the computer housing, thus avoiding any possible damage to the socket or motherboard. This will require new housings in many occasions.