Intel's New Pentium 4 Processor

Linux Kernel Compilation

Now here we go with yet another working-class kind of benchmark.

Once more Pentium 4 looks rather embarrassing. Even Pentium III is just about able to beat the P4 @ 1.4 GHz in this good old classic Linux kernel compilation. Athlon smokes P4 big time.

Floating Point Performance Under 3D Studio Max 2

Intel followers hate me using this benchmark, because it makes Athlon look so good. However, if those guys had a bit of a memory, they'd remember that I am using 3D Studio Max now for 4 years and in the first three of those years Intel always beat everything in this benchmark. 3D Studio Max is still one of the best ways to test the classic 80 bit precision x87 FPU. If Intel has the nerve to claim Pentium 4 has the most powerful floating-point performance in the world, it better look good in this test.

Well, well, isn't this just about slightly shocking my dear? Pentium 4 gets badly kicked even by its supposedly weaker brother Pentium III. Athlon leaves both Intel processors in the dust. Now we know HOW badly the x87 FPU of Pentium 4 was designed. Intel is completely relying on an urgent implementation of SSE2. I don't consider that as bad. SSE2 will most likely be a success. However, couldn't Intel start cutting the crap by now? Does it really have to be that every Intel marketing person claims Pentium 4 has the best FPU-performance in the world, while in actual fact it really blows at it?

  • utahraptor
    I just don't see this Rambus lasting that long. I think the future lies in DDR.
  • ta152h
    utahraptorI just don't see this Rambus lasting that long. I think the future lies in DDR.
    I think the Pentium 4 will not last past 2006.