Intel P45: The New Chipset Lacks Progress

Jetway HI04

Jetway is not a large manufacturer, so it makes sense that it has focused its efforts on a single P45 motherboard instead of creating a large family of them. The HI04 supports DDR2 memory at up to DDR2-800 speeds, and comes with an additional storage controller by JMicron, adding two SATA 3 Gb/s ports and one UltraATA/133 channel. The voltage regulator is based on six phases and solid capacitors, but Jetway does not offer any power saving mechanism, nor does it boast RAID 5 support (it uses the ICH10 without the “R”). Vcore 8-shift refers to the voltage management features, but not to power saving capabilities. The motherboard and the specification clearly mark it as capable of running 1600 MHz front side bus speeds, despite Intel’s 1333 MHz specification. This board comes with a system recovery program called Pro Magic Plus, and a hardware reset switch in the back panel—and it carries the name of the R&D engineer: Martin Chang.