VIA KT333 Put To The Test: 18 Motherboards Compared

Biostar M7VIF: Ready For Revisions

Biostar M7VIF.

Packaging for the Biostar M7VIF.

At first glance, you notice the temperature sensor depicted in the Quick Guide. This makes it clear that the motherboard is not equipped with active thermal protection for AMD. The temperature of the CPU die is measured by way of a thermistor (PTC) underneath the processor. The temperature sensor on this board is also not beyond reproach: BIOS shows a CPU temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, even when the processor works with a heavy load. As for the Northbridge of the VIA chipset, this only has a passive cooler, so the chip gets very warm. Noteworthy are the four DIMM slots, although the last slot only functions as a shuttle. Friends of overclocking have no way of modifying the multiplier settings, which are automatically made by the system. The benchmark tests show that the board ends up in the lower range of the candidates.

Items included with the Biostar M7VIF.