VIA KT333 Put To The Test: 18 Motherboards Compared

Shuttle AK35 GTR V2.2: More Performance Offered

Items included with the Shuttle AK35 GTR V2.2.

Retail packaging of the Shuttle AK35 GTR V2.2.

The Shuttle AK35 GTR V2.2 is by far the most inexpensive candidate of this comparison, especially considering that the fully featured version with a RAID controller only costs about $125. The package includes a USB bracket for two additional ports, IDE and floppy cables, a user guide and a slot bracket for subwoofers. Worth noting are the six PCI slots, the PCI sound (C3DX CMI 8738) with six-channel technology, a Highpoint controller (HPT 372) for additional IDE interfaces and four DIMM slots (the last of which functions as a shuttle). In terms of performance, this modest board lands just slightly behind the Asus A7V333 to claim fifth place on average.