VIA KT333 Put To The Test: 18 Motherboards Compared

Lucky Star K7VA333: Not Quite Mature

The Lucky Star K7VA333.

Packaging of the Lucky Star K7VA333.

In the package, Lucky Star limits the items to a cable, a USB bracket and a user manual. However, the board has to do without USB 2.0, since the design comes from the KT266A and no additional USB has been integrated. A positive aspect is the fact that there are six PCI slots. There were a number of problems during the test: for one thing, DDR333 did not run at 1T DRAM command rate (max. timing), and for another thing, the system occasionally crashed because of the passive Northbridge cooler. The Lucky Star ran stably only after an active cooler was used. There's only one reason to buy this board: inexpensive prices for OEM customers.

Outmoded BIOS chip on the Lucky Star K7VA333.

View of the DIMMs on the Lucky Star K7VA333.