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LG 27GN950-B 4K 144Hz Monitor Review: One Fast Pixel Mover

One of the fastest 4K monitors we've ever tested

LG 27GN950-B
Editor's Choice
(Image: © LG)

To learn about our HDR testing, see our breakdown of how we test PC monitors.

With DisplayHDR 600 certification and a local dimming feature, the 27GN950-B boasts some killer HDR. Though it isn’t quite as impressive as an FALD display, it’s one of the best edge lit HDR monitors we’ve tested.

HDR Brightness and Contrast

DisplayHDR 600? Try over 759 nits peak. That is an impressive amount of light coming from a 27-inch monitor. Only the 1,000-nit capable PG27UQ and X27 beat it. In the black level contest, FALD wins the day with the X27’s 0.0185-nit score. Samsung’s VA panel is also impressive ,but the 27GN950-B is very respectable with 0.0896 nit. Resulting contrast is strong at 8,475.3:1. With most HDR monitors delivering the same contrast ratios for SDR (1,013.6:1 after our calibration) and HDR, the LG is a stand-out.

Grayscale, EOTF and Color

The LG 27GN950-B could benefit from an adjustable white point in HDR mode. Brightness steps above 50% have a visible coolness. Dialing in better grayscale tracking would mean an even more three-dimensional HDR picture. The EOTF luminance curve tracks almost perfectly with a transition to tone-mapping at 70%. This mitigates the grayscale error somewhat.

HDR color accuracy tends toward oversaturation, but the effect isn’t too grievous. The inner and outer-most points are nearly perfect while the mid-range tones are a little bolder. Most users will enjoy the 27GN950-B’s HDR presentation. Overall, it looks really good, but these charts suggest that a little better performance could be had.

Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.

  • CXB
    The most recent firmware to the LG 27GN950-B pushes the display rate to 160Hz at 4k (the firmware takes a nervous 30+ minutes to load)
    A very nice monitor, well-suited to DisplayPort, DSC and the new graphics cards coming out (I was lucky to bag an RTX3070)
  • Wanderingm00se
    Honestly, if this had an HDMI 2.1 it would have been an instant buy for me running this well. Maybe a refresh next year will have it. Got a series X as video card prices in Canada are insane right now if available and consoles are almost readily available and are cheaper than US pricing after conversion.
  • tomy_12
    I heard with this monitor cannot cancel the option that the monitor will go to deep sleep, is kind of big let down when the monitor fall a sleep and can't wake up. I don't want my monitor to fall a sleep, I can make the pc set to sleep mode alone. would be nice if you can mention it in the review.
  • CXB
    Well, you may have heard that, but I've just left my PC and my LG 27GN950 alone for 4 hours, and as soon as I hit my space bar on the keyboard, everything just woke up where it had left off.

    What I do find is that sometimes, with a second monitor, the GPU gets in a twist. But that's not a problem related to this monitor.