Matrox DualHead2Go: Three Monitors, One Laptop

Matrox Desktop Divider And Installation Options

The Matrox Desktop Divider

The Matrox Desktop Divider software allows you to divvy up the display between the two external monitors depending on their resolutions and capabilities. For our testing, both the automatic mode and a custom configuration with a division of 2:1 worked equally well.

The DualHead2Go's Main Settings

The main settings offer a range of options. The Roll Windows Up/Down control changes the focus of items on a single display to maximize the current active or foreground window. The Snap Windows to Edge of Display function allows users to position windows on any of the displays, so that small windows (like those for chat programs) may be moved to desired on-screen locations quickly.

After setting up the electronic desktop, you can use the Open Program Windows control to specify which display will show dialog boxes and other programs. The Maximize Windows option offers interesting capabilities: since Windows sees only one external monitor, a single mouse click on the enlarge button is all it takes to stretch any window completely across both monitors, or across all displays. Activating options inside the Matrox software also lets you specify definite monitor placement and positioning as well, so that windows only stretch over the monitors on which they're positioned. All this said, one can't help but wonder why all settings are spread across three different dialog boxes and aren't covered in one single comprehensive menu.