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Metamorphosis from Springdale to Canterwood

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

In the course of the day, Asus sends out a press release. The extended PAT functionality with the 865 chipset, starting with the BIOS version 1007, is called "Hyper Path" from now on.

Technology In Detail: How PAT Functions With The Intel 865

In this Canterwood diagram, "PAT" is also indicated as "Bypass Path" and "Optimized Path."

Behind the marketing terminology "PAT," only two extra cycles are gained while accessing memory.

As is already well known, Springdale and Canterwood chipsets are completely identical during wafer production. Intel in fact makes a preselection, which then leads to different packaging. Intel explains this step with the following: only when a chip does not pass the PAT test does it become the lesser-value Springdale (provided that all other quality tests have been passed).