Can MicroATX Boards Do the Job?

Integrated Intel Chipset Overview

The following table shows all integrated graphics units of Intel chipsets with support for PCI Express:

Graphics core GMA 900 GMA 950 GMA 3000 GMA 3100 GMA X3000 GMA X3100 GMA X3500
Chipset 910GL, 915G, 915GL, 915GV 915GM 945GU 945GM 945G, 945GZ 946GZ Q963 Q965 G31, Q33, Q35 G33 G965 GM965, GL960 G35
Clock speed (MHz) 333 MHz 200 MHz 133 MHz 250 MHz 400 MHz 667 MHz/400 MHz 667 MHz 667 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz 667 MHz 667 MHz 667 MHz
Vertex shader model 2.5 3.0 4.0
Pixel shader model 2.0 3.0 4.0
Pixel Pipelines 4 N/A
Unified shader processors N/A 8 10
Hardware vertex shaders No Yes
Peak memory bandwidth (GB/s) 8.5 GB/s 10.7 GB/s 12.8 GB/s   17.1 GB/s with DDR3 (12.8 GB/s with DDR2) 12.8 GB/s  
Max video memory (MB) 128 MB 192 MB/256 MB 256 MB 384 MB
OpenGL support 1.4 1.5 2
DirectX API support 9 10 [13]
MPEG-2 Hardware Acceleration motion compensation VLD + iDCT + MC
VC-1 Hardware Acceleration No MC (for WMV9 only) MC + In loop filter
Table Source: Wikipedia

Since the G33 chipset is DirectX9.0c compliant, it is perfectly capable of running Windows Vista's pimped and accelerated Aeroglass 3D desktop.

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