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Two New Mini-Powerhouses from Shuttle

Comparison: Barebones For AMD & Intel CPUs

Like the older mini systems, the two new PCs are being marketed as barebones with accessories. In other words, you get a case consisting of a motherboard, mini-power supply and a heat pipe for the processor and bays for installing up to two hard drives and one DVD drive. The only things you have to buy are the CPU (Intel P4 or AMD Athlon XP), RAM (we recommend fast DDR333 modules with CL2), a DVD/ CD drive and a hard drive, and you're ready to go. With a front panel made from brushed aluminum, the Shuttle SN41G2 is much more pleasing to the eyes. The design of the power and reset buttons is reminiscent of that of control buttons on stereo components.

The Shuttle SN41G2 with case and front panel made of aluminum.

Rear view of the Shuttle SN41G2.

We were impressed by the solid workmanship.