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Two New Mini-Powerhouses from Shuttle

Comparison: Barebones For AMD & Intel CPUs, Continued

Both systems support lightning-fast DDR333 RAM (CL2), although the SN41G2 AMD platform also offers dual-channel DDR400. Having said that, we don't recommend using this setting since it means running your FSB and RAM clocks asynchronously, and that puts a damper on performance. We've discovered that the best configuration is DDR333 RAM with FSB and RAM clocked at 166 MHz, provided that you have an AMD CPU that offers an FSB clock of 166 MHz (Athlon CP 2700+ or higher). Otherwise, you have to clock your FSB at 133 MHz and then have your RAM running at 200 MHz (DDR400).

One highlight of the Intel system is that it supports virtual multiprocessing so that P4 CPUs with HyperThreading capabilities may be better performers than Pentium processors without the HT feature.

Rear view of the Shuttle SB51G with extra AGP graphics board.

Rear view of the Shuttle SB51G (Intel platform): unlike the AMD system, this PC only has one VGA output. It does have an optical SP/DIF input port.

Taking care of business in a flash: GeForce 4 Ti 4600 in the Shuttle SN41G2 or SB51G. Or how about a GeForce FX?